Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beginning of Pizza!

 I built the set completely out of scrap wood, and the couch is upholstered with a sock. It's pretty cool what a band saw, paint, and hot glue can do.

I've been doing a few things with claymation recently. I'm in the process of making a short with the tentative title, Pizza!, and I began shooting yesterday. After a full day of animating, my little clay figures were becoming disfigured and mushy, so I thought I'd take a few pictures while they're still in their prime.


  1. they look great! still not sure about those nips!

  2. You should post a picture of the fly.

  3. Oh I like the nips. It makes it PG. And mike, the fly would just give away everything. This ain't no trailer.

  4. Hey Emily!!

    these characters look very appealing...great work getting it all together!