Friday, December 7, 2012

Split Peas-onality

How did peas get their respective names? If you knew any of these 3 peas, you'd know why.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey! So I decided, after a lot of pushing and prodding by my wonderful and talented grandfather, to start painting again.  My idea was to start painting moments of my childhood that portray a distinct and/or resonate childhood emotion.  What I love about this painting is how the girl's facial expression can be read in so many different ways.  Hope y'all like it!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pencil Sketching

Hi guys!! If you're new to my blog, welcome! This is where I post my artistic and adventurous ramblings and art stuff.  I do all sorts of things; painting, sketching, filmmaking, animation, sculpting, and photography.  Today I decided to post these pencil sketches, because it's something that I want to start doing more.  My scanner really ruined a lot of the values in these, but even still, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Maybe a few positive comments will motivate me?? hehehe Thanks for stopping by!! Also, don't forget to check out my etsy page, where I sell my clay sculptures, at

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Craft Show This Weekend!

Hello, fellow blog readers!

This Saturday, November 3rd, I will be at a craft show at Love Joy Church in Lancaster, NY, from 9am-3pm.  The address is

5423 Genesee St.
Lancaster, NY 14086

Hope to see you there, as do my little friends!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hey friends!!!

I wanted to use this post to let you all know about a pretty cool thing... there is a contest to win a FREE TRIP AROUND THE WORLD through Travelocity.  I have always been in love with traveling, and those of you who know me best know that that is when I'm happiest, and also where I get a lot of inspiration from artistically!  Thing is, I need YOUR help if I'm going to really try and win this thing!!!

The winner is chosen by a combination of judges favorites AND the number of votes you receive. It's free to vote, and when you register just make sure to un-check the last box if you don't want to start receiving emails from travelocity. Once you've registered, it's SUPER EASY to vote, just click "vote for me", put in your email, and you're done! It literally takes only 13 seconds.

So if you have 13 minutes to spare, I would be so so so appreciative.  This will probably be my only chance ever to do something like this!

My boyfriend and I each posted a video, to double our chances of winning. You can vote for both every day, for the next 6 days (until October 27th).  I would be so appreciative of any and all votes!! Please, spread the word!!

Here are the links:

Thank you so much! You friends, family, and fans are what keep me goin', every day!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Turkey Trot Design Contest

Hi all! I recently submitted to the Turkey Trot's t-shirt design contest. Although I didn't win, I still like my designs, so I'm posting them here for all to see!
For those who don't know, the Turkey Trot is an 8K race that takes place on Thanksgiving day in downtown Buffalo. There's a big party afterwards at the Convention Center that's a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coming Craft Show

For those of you who are wondering where I'll be next, I'll be at St. Bernadette's Fall Festival, located at St. Bernadette's Church; 5930 South Abbott Road, Orchard Park, NY 14127.

If you want to pick up custom miniatures, please let me know your order by the end of the day TODAY, by emailing me at

Thank you for all your continued support!

Monday, October 8, 2012

East End Crafts Show

  Photo by: Rich Warmus of Dimensions Photography

Picture holder! Glows in the Dark!

Picture holder!

Picture holder!

This past weekend was my first attempt at selling some of my work at an arts festival.  I was at the East End Arts Festival in Lancaster, NY, and  I was amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response I got from the vendors and people who came.  I won Second Prize for my booth! Thanks to all who stopped by!!

I'm hoping to start showing at more fairs and festivals coming up, but don't have any specific plans as of yet.  I will be posting where I'll be next right here on my blog, so keep checking in with me!!

Also, for those who don't know, I'm happy to do custom orders! Custom ornaments, statues, picture holders, miniatures-- whatever you may desire!  Just send me an email at and let me know what it is you want! I've never gotten a request I couldn't handle.

In the meantime, please check out my facebook page, Emily Tomasik, for more ideas and photos on what I have done and am selling now! I really appreciate your support!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nuit Blanche 2012

Last night there was a free art festival in Toronto, Ontario from 7pm to 7am called Nuit Blanche.  It was completely free, including free coffee and free water, too!  There were over 100 art installations all over the city of Toronto, and tonnnns of people.  I was so impressed at how smooth it ran, how creative it was, and how many people came out!  I feel like only a city like Toronto can do something like it. Maybe one day I can have a piece there!

Here's some photos from the festival, if you have time, check it this year's artists!

World Without Sun, video installation at Nathan Phillips Square

Guy at Yonge and Dundas St, doing cool jelly ball thing

Styrofoam sculpture with video projections

Inflatable Sculpture made from old Billboards

Our picture with an Outsider, an awesome installation
 of roaming packaging tape people

All Night Convenience, a beautifully sentimental "store closing"

Light up Corn Flakes!! Part of All Night Convenience

My dad in front of the lantern convenience store

Flat Space, an installation in the middle of the street

Civilization (Megaplex), a truly spectacular video installation
in City Hall

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Murals!

I just spent a few days with a wonderful family in Scarsdale, NY while I was painting two rooms for twins {again}! Haha.  The girl's room was a ballerina theme, so I painted a decorative bow above her bed, and the boy's room is sports themed, so I painted a scoreboard above his bed.  The paint on the top of the scoreboard and below the Home and Guest titles is chalkboard paint, so he can keep score when he and his friends play on his mini hoop in the room! So fun and interactive!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Since the cross country trip, I've become inspired to do some clay sculpting.  So I've been busy making all kinds of dogs, frogs, crabs, and a couple of cats.  I made a Facebook page for them all, where you can see front, side, and back views, as well as their measurements and prices.  Please check it out!!

I'm also doing customized sculptures of people's animals, animal zodiacs, jewelry, or anything else you might want.  If you're interested in any of these things please send me an email at I'd love to hear from you!