Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hey friends!!!

I wanted to use this post to let you all know about a pretty cool thing... there is a contest to win a FREE TRIP AROUND THE WORLD through Travelocity.  I have always been in love with traveling, and those of you who know me best know that that is when I'm happiest, and also where I get a lot of inspiration from artistically!  Thing is, I need YOUR help if I'm going to really try and win this thing!!!

The winner is chosen by a combination of judges favorites AND the number of votes you receive. It's free to vote, and when you register just make sure to un-check the last box if you don't want to start receiving emails from travelocity. Once you've registered, it's SUPER EASY to vote, just click "vote for me", put in your email, and you're done! It literally takes only 13 seconds.

So if you have 13 minutes to spare, I would be so so so appreciative.  This will probably be my only chance ever to do something like this!

My boyfriend and I each posted a video, to double our chances of winning. You can vote for both every day, for the next 6 days (until October 27th).  I would be so appreciative of any and all votes!! Please, spread the word!!

Here are the links:

Thank you so much! You friends, family, and fans are what keep me goin', every day!!

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